Norton 360 is Not Responding – How to Fix?

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There is variety of antivirus and Norton 360 is one of the most used antiviruses across the globe. It provides security to your devices from all sort of viruses, spams, threats as well. But as a user of Norton antivirus, you might encounter problems with the antivirus. One of the most reported problems with the security software is that it stops responding at the mid of work. If you are the victim of such problems then you need to directly call on Norton 360 Technical Support Number to have instant help by the experts and technical executives.

Here are some troubleshooting steps mentioned with steps by steps instructions that can help you to deal with such problem quickly-

Reinstall Norton 360 Not Working:

Reinstall the Norton 360 antivirus by the following method mentioned here-

  • First you need to download “Norton Remove Tool”
  • Then you need to double click on downloaded file and read the read the license and accept it
  • Once you install it, simply click on remove and reinstall
  • After this you need to choose “Remove” only, and then click “OK”
  • Then you would be prompted by the options restart now
  • After restarting the computer reinstall the Norton Antivirus

Remove Another Installed Antivirus:

If you already using other antivirus program then you need to remove that by the following steps-

  • Go to “Control Panel” and in “Programs” in windows
  • After this manually check that is there any antivirus software installed or not
  • If you find the other antivirus program installed in the device then double click on that to uninstall it
  • At last click “Done”

Once you done with the procedure then check if the antivirus program is working or not. If still it is not responding then you better contact at Norton internet security phone number– (1-800-589-0948) to have quick support by the technic executives and experts of the reliable helpdesk that is available for all the users of Norton antivirus. The helpdesk works 24/7 round the clock in order to assist the customer with real time solutions and profound support.


How to Fix Norton Driver Problems?

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If you are regularly getting disturbed by the NORTON Driver problems and experiencing errors with your antivirus while accessing it then you can get al sort of help and solution Norton Antivirus Technical Support Number. The number is hooked up with the service is hooked up with the experienced technical executive and professionals who are always ready to cater their customer.

Causes Behind the Driver Problem?

There is variety of reason due to which driver problems appear. The drivers problems are mostly the result of incomplete installation of but more then it the major cause is the wrong installation process. The corrupted setup file, driver is not installed properly, some hardware problem with the device at which you are running the antivirus program and many more.

Though the Norton Driver problem is the major problem but you can troubleshoot it at your own by running the “Device Manager” utility to troubleshoot driver problems.

  • First you need to simply point to “Start” button and then go to “Control Panel”
  • After this go to the “System Properties” box and choose “Hardware” tab
  • Then you need to click “Device Manager” to see the list of the hardware devices that are installed on your system
  • After this you need to expand each category of hardware on the list to see the names of the drivers involved
  • At last right click on any of the drivers to find out whether it is still working or not

In case the problem still persists, then you better contact at Norton 360 Customer Service Phone Number(1-800-589-0948). Here you would get profound solution of your problem related to Norton antivirus and Norton drivers. The number is offered in order to provide instant help to the customers of Norton so that they get support on their desk. By contacting at such number the use user get help on a call by the experts and engineers who are well-trained and skilled to fix technical glitches related to Norton antivirus.


How to Fix Norton “Backup Exec Error 1602”?

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As a user of Norton antivirus it is possible that you might encounter several issues and numeric error codes including “Backup Exec Error 1602”. The error indicates that Backup exec has encountered a problems and needs to be closed. You can easily troubleshoot such error at your own or contact at Norton Antivirus Technical Support Number to get instant technical help by the professionals and experts.

There are several reasons behind the occurrence of technical error including incomplete installation of Norton antivirus, and other software, conflict between software and applications, antivirus registry files get corrupted due to infection of virus and other adware, some other program maliciously removed the Backup Exec related files etc.

When such error appears then the system start run slowly and crashes at the mid of the programming, your computer system frequently crashes the active window, the device periodically freezes for few seconds.

In order to troubleshoot such error you need to follow some troubleshooting steps that are mentioned below-

Clean out Your Computer System Junk –

Cleaning junk files and damaged file from the computer system resolves lots of issues and problems related to your device and software, so it is the first recommended option to fix error “1602”-

  • First you need to click the “Start” button
  • Then simply type “command” in the search box
  • Then you need to hit “Enter” while holding the “Ctrl-Shift”
  • Then you will see a permission dialog box, click “Yes”
  • Then you would get a black box with a blinking cursor
  • After the procedure type “cleanmgr” and hit “ENTER”
  • Disk Cleanup will begin calculating how much occupied disk space you can reclaim
  • At last check the boxes of the categories you want to clean and click “OK”

Suppose you are not able to perform the procedure or facing the same problem again, then you should directly contact at Norton 360 Customer Service Phone Number(1-800-589-0948) where you would help and technical assistance on a call by the experts and professionals. The number takes you to the customer service which resolves your problems in a snip of time and provides support at your desk. Here you would be supported by the remote access service and profound help.



Norton 360 Display Error “5013 3”- How to Fix?

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Norton antivirus is the software developed by the Symantec Corporations in order to provide security to the devices that you are using like computers and other devices from virus, spams, Trojan horse, spyware and other adware. The all editions of Norton 360 are built with high-tech features, but it is not free from some issues and technical error codes. To find more information, you can contact at Norton 360 Technical Support Number.

One of the numeric error code encountered by the users of Norton antivirus is “5013 3”, which appears due to several reasons that you can find below-

Causes behind the issues:

  • Incomplete installation and corrupt download of Norton 360 software
  • Corruption in Windows registry from a recent Norton 360-related software change
  • Windows system files or Norton 360-related program files get corrupted due to infection of virus
  • Another program nastily or mistakenly removed Norton 360-related files

Warnings of the issue:

  • When the “Error 5013 3” appears it crashes the active program window
  • Your computer frequently crashes with error “5013 3” when running the same program
  • Windows runs slowly and responds leisurely to mouse or keyboard input
  • Your computer device sometimes “freezes” for a few seconds at a time


  • Try to repair registry entries associated with error
  • Conduct a full malware scan for your computer device
  • Update your computer drivers
  • Install all available updates

In case you face the same error with Norton 360 or needs any sort of help then you directly contact at Norton Customer Service Phone Number where you will be supported by the technicians who are skilled with special techniques so that they can resolve your each and every problem related to Norton antivirus. Apart from this you can also dial a toll-free (1-800-589-0948) helpline number available for all, the users of Norton antivirus. The number is working 24/7 round the clock so that users can connect with the service easily from anywhere at any time.

How to Run Norton Power Eraser?


Symantec offers Norton Power Eraser, which is an virus eraser tool that could be downloaded or install and run to remove malware and threats from your computer device. You can use this tool to scan virus in your computer even if you any other antivirus. Also if you are not able to run the computer system in normal mode then you can use this tool to run the system in safe mode. The tool is easy to install and scan your computer device quickly to detect the most dangerous threats in your computer. You can also take help by the expertise by contacting Norton Internet Security Customer Service Number to run the Norton eraser.

Here are steps described below to run Norton Power Eraser-

Download Norton Power Eraser-

  • First you need to click “Save”
  • Then select the location as Desktop, and then click “Save”
  • To run Norton Power Eraser, you need to double-click the “NPE.exe file”
  • If you see the “User Account Control window”, simply click “Yes” or “Continue”
  • After this read the license agreement, and click “Accept”

Run a Scan-

  • First you need to click the “Scan For Risks Icon” in the Norton Power Eraser window
  • After this the eraser performs a Rootkit scan by default which require a system restart When you get prompt to restart the computer, simply click “Restart”
  • Follow the onscreen instructions for further preferences
  • At last wait for the scan to complete

The above describes steps are the reliable steps that needs to perform correctly otherwise the eraser won’t work accordingly. In case you face any difficulty while performing such steps then you better contact at Norton 360 Support Number(1-800-589-0948), where you would get quick assistance on a single phone call with comprehensive guidance. Apart from this the number takes you up to the reliable customer service which offers help through online live chat and invoice email. The service works with enhanced tools and technology to provide profound help to the customer and user of Norton antivirus.




How To Fix Norton 360 Error “3039 1”?


As a user of Norton antivirus 360, you might encounter error code “3039 1”, appears due to several reason like corrupt download or incomplete installation of Norton 360 software; another program maliciously or mistakenly deleted Norton 360-related files; virus or malware infection that has corrupted Windows system files or Norton 360-related program files or corruption in Windows registry from a recent Norton 360-related software change and other unexpected reasons. You can deal with such error at your own or simply dial Norton 360 Technical Support Number to have instant support by the expertise.

Symptoms of Error “3039 1”-

  • When the error appears, it crashes the active program window
  • Your computer system frequently crashes with error when running the same program
  • Windows start running sluggishly and respond slowly to mouse or keyboard input
  • Your computer system periodically “freezes” for a few seconds at a time

To troubleshoot such error there are some troubleshooting methods that are mentioned below, which can help you easily-

Try to Repair Registry Entries Associated with error 3039 1-

  • First you need click the “Start” button
  • Then you should type “command” in the search box…
  • After this you need to hold “CTRL-Shift” on your keyboard and press “Enter”
  • Click “Yes” when you see a dialog box
  • You would get a black box open with a blinking, then type “regedit” and press “Enter”
  • Then from the “File menu”, you need to choose “Export”
  • In the Save In list, you should select the folder where you want to save the Norton 360 backup key
  • In the File Name box, you need to type a name for your backup file, such as “Norton 360 Backup”
  • You need to be sure that “Selected branch” is selected and click “Save” in the Export Range box
  • The file is then saved with a .reg file extension, now you have backup of your Norton 360-related registry entry

Despite this if you are not able to resolve such problem or facing difficulty while performing the process then you should take help by the expertise by contacting at (1-800-589-0948 – Norton Customer Service Phone Number, where you would get instant help and support with real time solutions. The service is designed in such a way that it can support the customer in a personalized manner. You can also connect the service via online chat and through invoice email, where you can easily drop a message related to problem with Norton antivirus.





How Can You Protect Your Computer against Phishing with Norton


Phishing is a kind of cyber crime act well-known for identity theft mainly famous among the hackers to steal the sensitive information of PC users. It can giveaway your bank account details, or credit card information through fraudulent websites, spam mails and pop-ups. But, Norton antivirus protects users from it. For any kind of issues users can contact on our Norton antivirus technical support number.

Don’t Share Sensitive Financial Details

One of the preventive measures is to not reply to mails asking for confidential details like bank account number, pins and passwords. But Norton users can get Norton antivirus support to remove such mails.

Use HTTPS Secured Browser for Safe Login

When you login into your online banking account or make payment online, always make sure to access through HTTPS secured web pages. Almost all the banks provide online bank access with a HTTPS secured login on web browser for safe transaction. And never respond a link through your mail instead type URL on the browser directly.

Privacy Policy of Website Carefully

All the authentic websites have their own privacy policy and site terms of use. You can find that at the bottom of the web page that discloses the legal processes followed by the website owner or company to use the sensitive information and financial details of site visitors. Usually under this page you will be not requested to submit your bank info.

Keep Eyeing on Regular Coming Spam Mails

If you are receiving mails regularly asking your sensitive information or bank account details, keep them watching and mark as a spam to move into junk folder.

For any kind of issues that your computer and data is susceptible to can be tackled by Norton programs. And, for any sort of issues arising in Norton products, you can connect with our experts on Norton internet security customer service number. Our toll free number: 1-800-589-0948 is available round the clock.