How to Skype with Norton Antivirus?

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Norton antivirus developed by Symantec is designed in order to provide smart security to your devices like computers, mobiles, laptops and tablets. The antivirus is also hooked up with the features where Norton Personal Firewall automatically blocks internet services that could permit malicious software to access your computer device. Skype is one such service, probably believed a threat because of its most usable features, including the ability to transfer files and documents via an instant messenger window. If you are not aware or do not want to stop using Skype, then you can easily configure the Norton Firewall to allow access to the communication application. You can configure the Norton antivirus at your own or simply contact Norton Antivirus Support Phone Number to have instant help and support by the expertise.

Despite this you can go with the following steps that are mentioned below-

  • Firstly make sure that Skype is completely closed
  • Then you need to open the “Task Manager” by right-clicking a blank area of your taskbar and selecting “Task Manager” or by pressing “Ctrl-Shift-Esc”
  • Further go to the “Processes” tab and click on “Skype.exe.” Then simply click “End Process” and then click “Yes” to confirm that you want to stop Skype
  • After this close the “Task Manager” window
  • Then you should click “Start” and type “Norton” into the search box at the bottom of the Start Menu
  • Select “Status and Settings” in the left pane and choose “Personal Firewall” in the primary window.
  • After the above procedure click the “Configure” button in the lower-right corner
  • Then click “Allow All Access” after clicking on “Skype” in the list of services
  • At last to apply the changes click “OK” or “Save” and close the Norton windows and simply restart “Skype”

In case you are not able to perform the above procedure then you should directly contact at Norton 360 Customer Service Phone Number(1-800-589-0948) to get complete support and instant result by the expertise and professionals who are experienced in handling all sort of setup of Norton antivirus in real time. The number helps you to connect with the support service that provides satisfactory solutions at your fingertips at affordable charges without holding the client too long.





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