How do I Make a Norton Virus Scanner Boot Disc


Danger viruses or malware can severely compromise business efficiency and safety. Most of the times the stubborn behavior of these viruses is caused by viruses attributing themselves to critical Windows files, or they might be frequently installing themselves during boot-up before Norton Anti-Virus is loaded. To deal with these dangerous threats, Symantec offered the Symantec Endpoint Recovery Tool, which is a bootable that scans your hard drive without loading the Windows operating system or the Windows-based Norton program. You can create this bootable disc by downloading the Symantec ISO file and burning it within Windows 7 and also can take help by the experts by contacting them at Norton 360 Technical Support Number.

  • Simply open the Norton program by clicking “Security” and select “About”. Check for the serial number that is listed in this window and write it down
  • Then you need to navigate to the Symantec File Connect Web page, and enter your serial number and then download the Symantec Endpoint Recovery Tool ISO image accordingly
  • Further you need to insert a blank CD
  • Start by clicking the “Start” and then “Computer” to open Windows Explorer and locate the ISO file
  • After this you need to double-click the ISO file. If you have another program connected with ISO files, then click the ISO file and then “Burn” from the Windows Explorer toolbar
  • After this above procedure you need to select the burner you want to use from the Windows Disk Image Burner
  • At last you need to check “Verify Disc After Burning” and click “Burn” to create the bootable CD

It might be chance that you face issues while running Norton Virus Scanner Boot Disc, at that point you better contact at Norton Customer Service Phone Number-(1-800-589-0948). Here you would get significant arrangement of your problems with Norton antivirus and the procedure. The number is offered keeping in mind the end goal to give moment help to the clients of Norton so they get bolster around their work area. By reaching at such number the utilization client get help on a call by the specialists and professionals who are very much prepared and gifted to settle specialized glitches identified with Norton antivirus.




How to Download Norton Antivirus to another PC?


Removing a computer virus or other online threats can be time taking and expensive, and could be harmful to your business by damaging important files and equipment. To reduces risk of your contracting or sharing files and documents, by protecting your computer other devices from virus and other adware. Norton antivirus is one of the reliable antiviruses that protect your devices and data from malicious content that is developed by Symantec. The security software is hooked with numerous of smart features and functions that help to prevent your devices from unwanted material. To have more detailed information and brief description you can also take help by the expertise by contacting them at Norton 360 Technical Support Number.

If you are upon purchasing Norton antivirus, then you can easily download the program on op to three computers on same time. During the initial installation of Norton account will help you to download the software to another computer. The Norton account contains the product key and serial number and display the number of licensed installations and the availability of installations.

To download the Norton antivirus to other computer, you need to follow the instructions that are mentioned below-

  • First you need to start the computer on which you are downloading and installing your Norton product
  • Go to the Norton account Web page and then click “Sign in”
  • Then click “Sign in” after entering the email address and password for your Norton account and click “Sign in”
  • Further click the name of your Norton product to reveal the product key and serial number and go with the onscreen instructions
  • Then you need to simply click “Download,” select “Start download” and click “Save file.”
  • Once you done with product downloading, the Norton Download Manger will begin installing the program and guide you through the installation process
  • At the end enter your product key when it is prompted

In case you face any difficulty while following the above stated instructions then contacting at Norton Customer Service Phone Number(1-800-589-0948) is the best option to get help by the technicians. By dialing such number you would help by the staff that is skilled with immense knowledge of antivirus and dedicated to deal with any kind of technical glitches related to Norton antivirus.





How to Run Norton Utilities in Windows XP?


Symantec, designed the Norton Utilities application suite, to repairs and recover the damaged documents, cleans up the Windows XP registry and removes unnecessary files as well. Norton Utilities helps to speeds up your computer device start time and frees up hard drive space, making it a useful tool for slower and boost up your computer devices with lots of benefits. Norton Utilities are offered on a CD or as a digital download. To have more detailed information and brief description regarding the Norton utilities, you better contact at Norton 360 Technical Support Phone Number .

To run Norton Utilities, you need to install the program on your computer device and enter your activation details accordingly-

  • First you need to insert the Norton Utilities CD into your computer’s CD-ROM drive. You can also double-click the Norton Utilities installation file if you are having a digital copy. And then click “Install Norton Utilities”
  • After this click “Next” and sight the License Agreement. You need to simply click “I accept the agreement” and select “Next” for further preferences
  • By clicking “Browse” change the installation folder and choosing the directory.
  • Then click “Next”
  • If you want Norton Utilities to scan your computer immediately when the computer boots up you should click “Automatically scan registry when Windows starts” and then click “Install.”
  • Once you done click “Finish” when Norton Utilities installation completes. You will be prompted with the Smart Update window will open
  • Find your activation code on the back of the included Quick Start Card, if you purchased Norton Utilities on CD
  • After this click “Activate Now”
  • At last you need to click the Windows “Start” button, select “Programs” and choose “Norton Utilities” to launch the program

While following the above seated instructions to run Norton utilities in Windows XP, if you encounter any problems or face any obstacle then dialing Norton Customer Service Phone Number(1-800-589-0948) is the best platform to get instant technical guidance and assistance by the expertise and the staff that has capability in handling and managing each and every problem of the Norton’s user. The number helps you to connect with the support service, which is designed to provide quick help to the Norton’s customer in real time at nominal charges.




How to Skype with Norton Antivirus?

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Norton antivirus developed by Symantec is designed in order to provide smart security to your devices like computers, mobiles, laptops and tablets. The antivirus is also hooked up with the features where Norton Personal Firewall automatically blocks internet services that could permit malicious software to access your computer device. Skype is one such service, probably believed a threat because of its most usable features, including the ability to transfer files and documents via an instant messenger window. If you are not aware or do not want to stop using Skype, then you can easily configure the Norton Firewall to allow access to the communication application. You can configure the Norton antivirus at your own or simply contact Norton Antivirus Support Phone Number to have instant help and support by the expertise.

Despite this you can go with the following steps that are mentioned below-

  • Firstly make sure that Skype is completely closed
  • Then you need to open the “Task Manager” by right-clicking a blank area of your taskbar and selecting “Task Manager” or by pressing “Ctrl-Shift-Esc”
  • Further go to the “Processes” tab and click on “Skype.exe.” Then simply click “End Process” and then click “Yes” to confirm that you want to stop Skype
  • After this close the “Task Manager” window
  • Then you should click “Start” and type “Norton” into the search box at the bottom of the Start Menu
  • Select “Status and Settings” in the left pane and choose “Personal Firewall” in the primary window.
  • After the above procedure click the “Configure” button in the lower-right corner
  • Then click “Allow All Access” after clicking on “Skype” in the list of services
  • At last to apply the changes click “OK” or “Save” and close the Norton windows and simply restart “Skype”

In case you are not able to perform the above procedure then you should directly contact at Norton 360 Customer Service Phone Number(1-800-589-0948) to get complete support and instant result by the expertise and professionals who are experienced in handling all sort of setup of Norton antivirus in real time. The number helps you to connect with the support service that provides satisfactory solutions at your fingertips at affordable charges without holding the client too long.




How to Fix Incorrect Password Errors while signing into “Norton Identity Safe”?

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Incorrect password errors while signing into the “Norton Identity Safe” is the rare problem that is reported by the users across the globe. To fix such problem you need to have guidance of experts that you can opt by dialing Norton 360 Technical Support Phone Number.  Apart from this the most important thing that needs to make sure that the problem you are experiencing is related to a system or outage.

To access your online vault, you must first sign in to your Norton account, and then log on to your Identity Safe vault. If you see an incorrect password error, then you need to check know if it is the Norton account password or the Identity Safe password that is causing the error.

Sign in to your Norton account from the Norton Identity Safe Toolbar:

  • If the Norton Identity Safe toolbar shows “Vault is Closed”, then simply click “Vault is Closed”
  • Then type in your email address in the dialog box and click “Next”
  • After this and click “Sign In” in your Norton account. then click Forgot Password and follow the on-screen instructions to recover your lost password, if you do not remember your Norton account password
  • Once you log on your Norton account, you would be prompted for your Identity safe Vault password

Sign in to your Norton Identity Safe Vault:

  • Firstly type in the Identity Safe vault password. If you have forgotten the vault password, then you need to click “Show Password Hint”
  • You need to delete the identity Safe online vault, if you have forgotten the vault password and the password hint does not helping you
  • To delete your Identity Safe vault, you need to simply type in a wrong password three times, and then select “click here”
  • To “Delete My Vault”, you need to click “Yes”
  • Further type in your Norton account password, and click Delete My Vault
  • Click “Yes” to permanently delete the vault in the confirmation box

Suppose you are not able to overcome the problems then you better contact at Norton Customer Service Phone Number (1-800-589-0948) where you can find all technical support by the experts and engineers or reliable customer service. The customer service works with enhanced technologies and offer remote access service at nominal charges. It works continuously so that the user or customer can get satisfactory result in real time.


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Norton 360 is Not Responding – How to Fix?

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There is variety of antivirus and Norton 360 is one of the most used antiviruses across the globe. It provides security to your devices from all sort of viruses, spams, threats as well. But as a user of Norton antivirus, you might encounter problems with the antivirus. One of the most reported problems with the security software is that it stops responding at the mid of work. If you are the victim of such problems then you need to directly call on Norton 360 Technical Support Number to have instant help by the experts and technical executives.

Here are some troubleshooting steps mentioned with steps by steps instructions that can help you to deal with such problem quickly-

Reinstall Norton 360 Not Working:

Reinstall the Norton 360 antivirus by the following method mentioned here-

  • First you need to download “Norton Remove Tool”
  • Then you need to double click on downloaded file and read the read the license and accept it
  • Once you install it, simply click on remove and reinstall
  • After this you need to choose “Remove” only, and then click “OK”
  • Then you would be prompted by the options restart now
  • After restarting the computer reinstall the Norton Antivirus

Remove Another Installed Antivirus:

If you already using other antivirus program then you need to remove that by the following steps-

  • Go to “Control Panel” and in “Programs” in windows
  • After this manually check that is there any antivirus software installed or not
  • If you find the other antivirus program installed in the device then double click on that to uninstall it
  • At last click “Done”

Once you done with the procedure then check if the antivirus program is working or not. If still it is not responding then you better contact at Norton internet security phone number– (1-800-589-0948) to have quick support by the technic executives and experts of the reliable helpdesk that is available for all the users of Norton antivirus. The helpdesk works 24/7 round the clock in order to assist the customer with real time solutions and profound support.